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Assault Industries Battery Terminal Relocation Kit (Universal)

SKU: BTRK-U-002-01
Sale price$144.95


The Assault Industries battery terminal relocation kit moves a set of terminals to a more accessible area. On many UTV's, the factory battery compartment isn't impossible to get to, but can become a pain if the battery constantly needs trickle charging or maintenance. What if you didn't have to remove seats or body panels when you need to trickle charge or jump your vehicle? Assault Industries has a solution for you!

The kit is assembled using top quality hardware and is made in the USA. The terminal posts have notched covers that snap in place to prevent accidental arching.

Installation is pretty easy. If using the supplied wiring, the kit will need to be installed in close proximity to the battery. If you want to move it further away under the bonnet, you will need to source additional wire locally. 

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Package Contents

(1) Vertical Mount Plate                                                                                                     (2) Terminals (Positive/ Negative)                                                                                    (2) 8in Wires                                                                                                            Installation Hardware                                                                                           Installation Instructions

Assault Industries Battery Terminal Relocation Kit (Universal) - Revolution Off-Road
Assault Industries Battery Terminal Relocation Kit (Universal) Sale price$144.95