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Assault Industries Cobra Cooler Belt Cooling System



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Tired of outings ruined by belt failures?

The Assault Industries Cobra Cooler is a coolant injection system that works to reduce clutch housing temperatures by as much as 50ºF. Keeping temperatures down can dramatically reduce the risk of belt failures.

At the flip of a momentary switch, the system injects distilled water into the clutch housing air intake tube as a fine mist intermittently over the course of 45 seconds. Temperatures will immediately begin to drop until the system shuts off.

Temperatures will climb back up over the next several minutes. Operation is recommended when housing temperatures reach 195ºF which is approaching critical. Clutch/belt housing and its internal components should still be routinely maintained along with everything else on the vehicle for maximum performance and longevity.

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Package Contents

Integrated tank / pump assembly
Tank assembly mounting bracket
8ft of 8mm black tubing
(1) “T” nozzle, (1) “Elbow” nozzle & (1) “T” for the check valve.
(1) anti-siphon check valve
(1) stainless 6-12mm hose clamp
(3) piece wiring harness with fuse and “off / on / momentary on” switch
(6) 5/16” cable clamp for securing the 8mm tubing
(6) #8 Phillips head TEK screws for mounting the cable clamps
(15) 6” cable ties for securing the wiring and 8mm tubing
(4) 18” cable ties for securing the 8mm tubing to the CVT intake hose
(4) 1/4” bolts with washers and nylocks for mounting the tank assembly
(4) #12 TEK screws for mounting the tank assembly (optional if 1/4” bolts are not used)

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