Particle Separator 2 2020+ KRX 1000 S&B

SKU: 76-7015

$499.99 $550.00

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Don’t let the elements slow you down. A clogged filter chokes your engine of power. The S&B Particle Separator lets you play in harsh conditions, as it was designed to protect from water, snow, sand and fine dust. The Particle Separator ejects 94% of the dusty air before it reaches your stock filter.

  • Separates over 94% of dust before it reaches the air filter
  • Mounts to the upper or lower roll bars
  • Scavenge fan only runs when needed
  • Connects to your pulse bus bar power
  • Protects your engine. Overloaded filters can collapse resulting in a dusted motor.
HUGE AIRFLOW, WHILE STILL KEEPING YOUR FILTER CLEAN. Our engineers designed new proprietary vortexes that offer even more airflow while still ejecting over 94% of the dust to keep your filter cleaner, longer. With less dust on your filter, your engine will produce more power. WHISPER QUIET FAN TECHNOLOGY. LISTEN TO MUSIC & TALK IN PEACE. The Particle Separator 2 features an automatic variable speed scavenge fan. When you're at idle or the vehicle's RPM is low, the fan speed is lower allowing you to talk and listen to music without hearing the fan. Once you hit the gas, the scavenge fan instantaneously accelerates to provide maximum protection for your filter. It’s the best of both worlds.

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