Polaris Ranger 1000 High Clearance 1.5" Forward Offset A-Arms

SKU: AA-P-RAN1K-1.5-HC-02#RT


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Bigger, Stronger A-Arms
Your Polaris Ranger 1000 is a rugged and capable off-road machine. There’s not a lot that slows it down, unless you’re trying to cross rough terrain with stock suspension. Upgrading to SuperATV’s High Clearance 1.5” Forward Offset A-Arms lets you conquer those gnarly trails without a hitch. They’re larger and stronger than your OEM arms, and they feature a forward offset that gives you more stability and room for bigger tires. As if that weren’t enough, our industry-leading adjustable pivot blocks give you total control over your camber.

The Boost Your Ranger 1000 Needs
The unique dual bend design of these control arms gives you enough extra ground clearance to cruise over those rocks and roots that used to slow you down. They also feature an impressive 1.5” offset. Not only does this give you room for bigger tires, but the offset also gives you more stability. There’s not a lot your Ranger 1000 can’t handle when you’re running a solid set of SuperATV A-arms.

Designed for Long-Lasting Performance
These A-arms are made with 1.5” tubing, which is 25% larger than stock. We make them even stronger with a powder coat finish. The sleek tubed design looks great on any machine—especially your Ranger 1000. If you’re looking for a way to boost your machine’s performance and appearance in one simple step, this is it.

To show you how confident we are in the strength of these arms, we’re selling them with a lifetime warranty. We doubt you’ll manage to break them, but if you do, SuperATV has got you covered.

Adjustable Lower Pivot Blocks
These Polaris Ranger 1000 control arms come with adjustable lower pivot blocks, so you can dial in your camber exactly the way you want it. Why would you want to mess with your camber? Easy—adjusting your camber after adding bigger tires or a lift kit can eliminate premature tire wear, so you can stay on the trails longer. They come pre-adjusted to stock specifications right out of the box, so you only have to make changes if you want to.

Learn more about what camber is, how it affects your ride, and how to adjust it perfectly.
  • Adds 1.5” of forward offset
  • Fit up to 28.5” tires*
  • 1.5” tubing is 25% larger than stock
  • Adjustable lower pivot block for full camber adjustability
  • Utilizes stock A-arm bushings
  • UV-resistant powder coat finish
  • Easy to install
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
*At full compression, a 28.5” tire may rub the trim and bumper on some machines.
  • Polaris Ranger 1000 : 2020
  • Polaris Ranger 1000 Crew : 2020

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