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Repair, Don’t Replace
When you’re out for a long ride in your Polaris Ranger or RZR, you never know what’s going to happen. One thing you don’t want is to hear that tell-tale clicking noise that means your axle’s about to blow. Sounds like it’s time to get a Replacement CV Joint from SuperATV. It’s built for Rhino Brand and ADR Axles so you get a perfect fit and finish from the original manufacturer.

Built for Endurance
This CV kit is built with the same quality and care that your Rhino and ADR Axles are made with. They feature a puncture resistant boot, synthetic grease, and a precision made chromoly joint for high articulation angles and no break-in period. It’s built to get your axles back to there original condition.

Replacement CV Joint Kit Includes:
(1) Chromoly CV joint
(1) TPEE boot
(1) Packet of synthetic grease
Large and small boot clamps
Castle nut, washer, and cotter pin

  • High articulation chromoly CV joint
  • Precision engineered cage and housing for reduced friction and a smooth range of motion
  • Proprietary heat treat process
  • Puncture resistant TPEE boot
Axle SKU Inner CV Outer CV
1AX-1-78-R-0-DT CVK-P-001 CVK-P-004
1AX-1-86-F-0-DT CVK-P-001 CVK-P-016
1AX-1-86-R-0-BT CVK-P-005 CVK-P-016
1AX-1-94-R-0-DT CVK-P-012 CVK-P-004
1AX-1-98-F-0-DT CVK-P-003 N/A

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