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Polaris RZR Trail 900 Frame Stiffener / Gusset Kit

Sale price$124.95
Strengthen Your Frame
Your Polaris RZR Trail 900 is built for rugged riding, but every machine has its limits. Unless you’re prepared to risk bending your chassis or throwing your machine out of alignment, you don’t want to test those limits without having the right aftermarket frame support. SuperATV’s Frame Stiffener/Gusset Kit strengthens your frame, eliminating weak spots and delivering the peace of mind you need to take on bigger whoops and wilder bounty holes.

Made with Premium Materials
We believe that better materials lead to a stronger product, which is why we make this UTV frame stiffener with 4.5 mm heavy-duty steel plating. A powder-coat finish adds longevity and durability. Our choice in materials, combined with expert engineering, makes this frame stiffener and gusset kit the strongest and most reliable frame support you can get.

NOTE: When running this frame stiffener with the Polaris RZR Trail 900 Full Skid Plate , the frame stiffener will replace the front section of the skid plate.
  • Made of 4.5 mm heavy-duty steel plating
  • Strengthens the weak spots on your RZR Trail 900’s frame
  • Saves your frame when you add heavy tires or other unsprung weight
  • Adds support and stability
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Polaris RZR Trail 900 Sport : 2021+
  • Polaris RZR Trail 900 Premium : 2021+
  • Polaris RZR Trail 900 Ultimate : 2021+
NOTE: Not compatible with FSP-P-RZR1K or FSP-P-RZRXPT
Polaris RZR Trail 900 Frame Stiffener / Gusset Kit
Polaris RZR Trail 900 Frame Stiffener / Gusset Kit Sale price$124.95