At R1 we accepted the challenge to bring you the brightest rock lights in the industry. Built from the ground up we started with our super high temp PCB board and attached 24 of the brightest LED's we could possibly get! With over 24 watts of power these will blow doors off any other rock light out there! These will dance you your music and are controlled VIA Bluetooth.

These are a true RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) rock light and they have a true white option. The reason we chose to build them as RGBW is because the white LED's offer 1000's of vibrant colors and increases brightness. 

This kit is %100 plug and play ready and can be installed by anyone. 

Enjoy this amazing product. It took us over a year to develop and design. 

Extensions available. 

Kit Includes:

8 x 24 Watt Rock Light Pods

1 x 1 way to 8 way Splitter

1 x Bluetooth Control Module

16 x Mounting Bolts

1 x Instructions