Ripp-Tied Clutch System for Polaris RZR XP1000




The Ripp-Tied clutch conversion kit for your Polaris RZR XP1000 is the single best improvement you can make to that vehicle! Larger, more efficient clutches have an increased-diameter sheaves that allow for infinate gearing options as well as a drastic reduction in heat. Run cooler, perform better. No other clutch kit on the market compares!

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For the high-performance RZR XP1000 enthusiast, the BoonDocker Ripp-Tied Clutch  System is a conversion kit that swaps out the OEM 'undersized' primary AND secondary Polaris clutches for larger, more efficient, high-performance, high-horsepower-rated Team clutches.

Ripp-Tied has a smoother engagement and will more effectively put the power to the ground. The larger clutches produce more belt-grab for a more efficient operation under any circumstances (not just for sand).

The Ripp-Tied clutch system is the #1 upgrade you can make to any 2014+ Polaris RZR, not only because it produces better performance, but also because the belt life is unmatched. The more efficient clutches produce more bite on the belt, reducing slippage and heat. The larger-diameter sheaves better dissipate heat. Expect significant improvement in belt-life with this kit!

The Ripp-Tied Clutch Kit is designed to provide the user with increased horsepower in all applications. Oversized from stock, the user can start in a lower gear to increase the gear range potential.

Ripp-Tied is a lower-geared clutch system that focuses on performance where you drive. The performance you gain from this clutch is worth it!

For the high-speed enthusiast, we recommend re-gearing. The Ripp-Tied clutch system will max out around 65-70 MPH with stock gearing.

Weight Chart
Vehicle Type Fuel / Elevation Boost Level / Tires Weights
Turbocharged Pump Gas < 10 PSI Boost 10-58
Turbocharged Pump Gas >= 10 PSI Boost 10-62
Turbocharged Race Gas 10-12 PSI Boost 10-62
Turbocharged Race Gas 14 PSI Boost 10-64
Turbocharged Race Gas 16 PSI Boost 10-66
Turbocharged Race Gas 18 PSI Boost 10-68
Turbocharged Race Gas 20 PSI Boost 10-70
Naturally-Aspirated Sea Level (Coast) Stock Tires 10-58
Naturally-Aspirated Sea Level (Coast) Sand Tires 10-56
Naturally-Aspirated Sea Level (Coast) Oversized Tires 10-56
Naturally-Aspirated Low Elevation (< 4,000 ft) Stock Tires 10-56
Naturally-Aspirated Low Elevation (< 4,000 ft) Sand Tires 10-56
Naturally-Aspirated Low Elevation (< 4,000 ft) Oversized Tires 10-54
Naturally-Aspirated High Elevation (> 4,000 ft) Stock Tires 10-54
Naturally-Aspirated High Elevation (> 4,000 ft) Sand Tires 10-54
Naturally-Aspirated High Elevation (> 4,000 ft) Oversized Tires 10-54


Fit and Compatibility
  • 2014-2018 Polaris RZR XP1000 
Kit Configurations
  1. Full Cover
    1. Includes fan for extreme clutch cooling
    2. To change belts, please remove the secondary clutch as there is minimal clearance with the larger high-performance clutches
    3. Great for desert and/or mountain and/or trail riding
  2. Half Cover
    1. Maximum cooling
    2. Open to the environment
    3. ONLY for sand dune use
Stats and Specs
  • Team Tied secondary
Fuel Requirements
  • Not Applicable
Suggested Upgrades
Frequently Asked Questions

How should I set my deflection? 

A proper deflection setting is 1' at the center of the belt with 10-lbs of force downward. In practicality, the best performance is running your belt as tight as you can and to not have car 'creep' forward or backward. Another suggestion is that you run it as tight as you can while still being able to shift gears. Too tight of belt deflection may cause the car to creep forward and/or not being able to shift gears.

How long does it take to install? 

A qualified technician should be able to install this product as follows:
  • 2 hours

Can BoonDocker install this product?

Absolutely! We have a fully-staffed service department. We know our products best, and can go beyond a simple installation with our Built by BoonDocker. Know that your vehicle is ready for the weekend. We also have a strong dealer network across the nation. Our premiere dealers have demonstrated the knowledge of our products and sell enough volume to be competent in both installation and service.

Where are the installation instructions?

The installation instructions are provided below. Please click on the image to download the PDF. We suggest you browse the instructions before you determine if you want to install this product yourself or if you want a dealer to install.

How do I need to configure my clutching?

Please visit our Clutching page for this application

Can I install this product myself?

This product requires a basic skill level to install. A mechanically inclined person can easily tackle this project. We suggest that you look at the instructions and determine if you need assistance from our service department or one of our dealers.

Are any specialty tools required?

You will need clutch pullers in addition to basic hand tools.

Is the Kit complete

Yes, it includes everything you need to swap out your clutches to our Ripp-Tied System!



(click image for instructions) rip tied

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