RZR RS1 Scratch Resistant Full Windshield SuperATV


SKU: WS-P-RS1-70

Why We Make It
SuperATV’s Polycarbonate Full Windshield is designed to keep you comfortable and keep you safe on your Polaris RZR RS1. At 1/4” thick, this windshield is 250 times than glass meaning no rock, branch, or boulder will ever break it. Whether you’re driving through rain or a rooster tail, SuperATV’s full windshield makes every day ride day.

Perfect Fit—Easy Install
This windshield is cut to match the hood of your Polaris RS1 perfectly for a snug and rattle-free fit. Not to mention installation is a breeze. You can go from opening the box to hitting the trail in just a few minutes. It’s a perfect fit and it’s so easy to use.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate
Our windshield is made with 1/4” hard coated polycarbonate. It’s 250 times stronger than glass and it’s as abrasion resistant as glass. This windshield can take hits from rocks, bushes, branches, and your angry neighbor without scratching or scuffing.

Proudly manufactured in our facility in Madison, Indiana.


  • Polaris RZR RS1 : 2018+


  • 1/4" scratch resistant polycarbonate
  • Scratch-resistant windshields are hard coated inside and out
  • 250 times stronger than glass
  • Customized to fit the RZR RS1 hood perfectly
  • Can be used with hard or soft tops