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Sedona Storm Beadlock UTV Wheel

SKU: 570-1176
Sale price$243.95

Sedona Storm Beadlock UTV Wheel In Black Finish 

Meet the Storm Beadlock, a gem in the wheel world that masterfully combines durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. This beadlock wheel mirrors the robustness of those used by professionals in the fiercest races, making it an overwhelmingly popular choice among competitors in prestigious events like the Mint 400, K.O.H., and numerous others.

The Storm Beadlock is a perfect fusion of design and engineering, flaunting a classic 8-spoke design that is timeless and rugged. Constructed from heavy-duty A356 aluminum and fortified with a 6061 beadlock ring, this wheel is built to endure the toughest terrains. As a testament to its quality and resilience, each wheel comes equipped with US made Grade 8 zinc beadlock hardware.

Engineered to be among the strongest wheels on the market, the Storm Beadlock's strength is equalled only by its sophistication. It comes in both Satin Black/Machined and Bronze finishes, offering a visual treat that complements its robust performance.

Adding a finishing touch of class to each wheel is a sleek satin black snap-in cap, embossed with the Sedona S Chrome logo. This wheel goes the extra mile to ensure compatibility with thicker beaded tires, offering beadlock ring spacers for proper ring seating.

The Storm Beadlock is available in a 14” diameter, fitting most ATV/UTV bolt patterns. Whether you're hitting the racetrack or exploring off-road trails, the Storm Beadlock is a wheel that delivers performance without compromising on aesthetics. Unleash the storm with Sedona's Storm Beadlock wheel!

  • Classic 8 spoke design
  • Constructed out of heavy duty A356 aluminum, 6061 beadlock ring, with US made Grade 8 zinc beadlock hardware included
  • Engineered to be one of the strongest wheels available
  • Available in both Satin Black/Machined and Bronze finishes
  • Includes a satin black snap-in cap with embossed Sedona S Chrome logo
  • For thicker beaded tires, beadlock ring spacers are available to ensure proper ring seating.
  • Available in both 14” diameters for most ATV/UTV bolt patterns
  • May require aftermarket lug nuts
Sedona Storm Beadlock UTV Wheel In Black Finish on white background
Sedona Storm Beadlock UTV Wheel Sale price$243.95