Turbo Boost Actuator for RZR XP1000 with BoonDocker Turbo




Upgrade or replace the Actuator on your Polaris RZR XP1000. The 7 PSI actuator is our standard actuator included in turbo kits. 

Stats and Specs
  •  Allows for higher or lower boost levels
  •  Builds boost faster for increase in throttle response
  •  Actual boost will ultimately be controlled by BD electronics and wastegate actuator
  • Required for high-boost applications
  •  Includes: Wastegate actuator and tension rod
Additional States and Specs 20 PSI
  • 20 PSI Actuator requires additional parts. At a minimum, closed deck cylinders with head studs are required.
  • Recommended for use with a 'built' engine.
  • Recommended for use with GTX 2860 turbocharger.
    Fit and Compatibility
    • Polaris RZR XP1000

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