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Trinity Racing Slip On Exhaust - Polaris PRO R

SKU: TR-4182S
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When it comes to exhausts, it's critical that they look and sound good while also functioning effectively. Trinity Racing has spent countless hours working on its new slip-on for the RZR Pro R in order to satisfy all of the criteria that customers want and anticipate.

Trinity's new stainless steel muffler bodies are responsible for the RZR Pro R's distinct sound. Trinity Racing decided that their previous aluminum muffler bodies weren't sufficient for the RZR Pro R, and so they developed something a little more robust! So, in order to keep using the same Stage 5 exhaust system, Trinity Racing handcrafted entirely new stainless cans on site. These new mufflers start out as a flat sheet of stainless steel that is laser cut. After they are cut, they are placed in a form die and pressed into shape on a press brake. After the two separate shells are formed into shape, they are then placed into a fixture, where they are welded together using a laser welder. This new welding technology allows for consistent and small Tig style weld every time.

Inside the new mufflers is a 2.5-inch Stainless steel perforated baffle, which is covered with a layer of high-temperature fiberglass. This stuffing gives Trinity Racing exhaust systems their distinctive deep rumble. A new style Billet Aluminum exhaust tip and turn-out tip are added to complete the mufflers. All Trinity systems are made in-house in Huntington Beach, California, and come with a small Trinity badge welded to the cans.

 The Trinity R&D crew is delighted to report that after just the installation of this new slip-on system, they were able to increase the tires' horsepower by 10. With an ECU tune, they discovered a 15-horsepower boost. For a simply slip-on exhaust system, these are really impressive figures!

The Trinity Racing slip-on exhaust for the Polaris RZR Pro R is currently available and ships with all necessary installation hardware.

If you're looking to get the most out of your RZR Pro R, then you need to check out Trinity Racing's new slip-on exhaust system. This handcrafted exhaust is made from stainless steel and provides a significant increase in horsepower over the stock system.

Trinity Racing Slip On Exhaust - Polaris PRO R
Trinity Racing Slip On Exhaust - Polaris PRO R Sale price$1,049.99 Regular price$1,100.00