SSS Off-Road

UHMW Skid Plate With Built In Rockers Polaris RZR XP Turbo 4 Seater SSS Off-Road



Are you looking to better protect your investment?? An SSS Skid Plate is the best way to do so! The factory skid plate is mediocre at best and can fail with some pretty easy terrain. This skid plate from SSS Off-Road will not only help protect the bottom of your machine but with it built in rockers it will keep your plastic rockers safe as well! 

The difference in the Standard Main Panel and the Premium Main Panel are minimal as far as protection goes. The standard version has a seam that runs from side to side, roughly underneath the B pillar of the machine. It has a step joint that allows for maximum strength and rigidity. The Premium single panel main panel will be just that, one solid piece for the main panel. Both will still have the nose and tail pieces as separate panels. 


  • 3/8" thick UHMW 
  • Recessed bolt holes for flushed hardware that allows for a smooth, no-snag finish
  • Our lap joints interlock and create a flat
  • Three piece skid (nose, body, and tail)!
  • Built-in-Rockers
    • ~2.5 inches high and protect the front and side of the machine
    • Rockers and the body are the same piece
    • Snug to machine

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