Universal 6.5inch Cage-Mounted Speaker Pods Unloaded SSV Works

SKU: US2-C65U-150

$289.99 $350.00



This pair(2 speaker pods) of SSV Works custom molded Cage Mount Pods are designed for 6.5" speakers and can be used when you need more sound in your Side by Side. Unlike wakeboard towers, our mini pods are designed to provide sound to the passengers without blocking visibility. They are finished in a black texture and is stylized to match factory interior textures and can be custom painted to match your color scheme.
Easy to install clamp system allows full 360° adjustability while on the cage. Unlike other cage pods where you need to find its position before the clamp goes on.
- Includes stainless mounting hardware, and step-by-step installation instructions.


Without speakers: (US2-C65U) order em empty. Already have speakers? This is for you.

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