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These are our new revised version of our best selling 4-Door RZR 1000 and Turbo doors! We've made a lot of improvements! These new doors now re-use the factory latch mechanism for a factory-style opening and closing. These are superb quality doors for a bargain price! These doors close with a solid thud and really are the best doors we've ever made.

These doors re-use the factory latch, so they also use the factory latch striker "D" that's already installed on your 1000/Turbo. That equals fewer rattles, easy installation, and a very factory fit and finish.

The top tube of these doors (where your arm would rest) is made from 1.25" steel tubing. That's fatter tubing than most doors and is much more comfortable to rest your arm on and looks super cool.

These doors come with an attached "little triangle" at the back, which provides a cleaner more filled in look than our previous doors and makes installation easier. Also, the aluminum panels are precision cut around the door opening's contours for smaller gaps and a tighter seal.

These doors open and close smoothly, keep the mud and dust out, look awesome, and are priced right!

Steel frame with aluminum skins. Powder-coated semi-gloss black to match the roll cage. Made in USA!

These doors feature internal tabs to allow mounting of our door bags (also fits PRP door bags). Front and rear.


  • XP1000
  • XP1000 Turbo
  • XP1000 Turbo S

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