utv stereo stage 7 elite stereo kit for canam x3 on white background
UTV Stereo Elite Series Stage 7 Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3
UTV Stereo Elite Series Stage 7 Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3
UTV Stereo Elite Series Stage 7 Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3
UTV Stereo Elite Series Stage 7 Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3
UTV Stereo Elite Series Stage 7 Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3
UTV Stereo Elite Series Stage 7 Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3
UTV Stereo Elite Series Stage 7 Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3
UTV Stereo Elite Series Stage 7 Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3

UTV Stereo Elite Series Stage 7 Stereo Kit | Can-Am® X3


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UTV Stereo Elite Series Stage 7 Stereo Kit For Your CanAm X3

Wanna be heard, seen and envied? This Stage 7 Kit From UTV Stereo Is Exactly What You Need! 


Unlock exceptional performance and robust protection with the Wet Sounds® MC-20®. Perfect for extreme weather conditions, this feature-rich digital media receiver offers a compact design that easily fits into tighter spaces. Plus, with its rear camera option and easy to use front, rear and subwoofer controls, you can experience effortless control of your sound system. Be ready for any type of terrain - get the Wet Sounds MC20 today!


Experience premium performance and protection with the Elite Series Amplifiers from Wet Sounds®. Thanks to their IP67 Weather-proof construction, you can be confident that you will be protected in any kind of weather. Plus, these amps provide plenty of power to each channel for unmatched sound quality and performance - what more could you want? Get ready for superior sound - get the Elite Series Amplifiers today!


Experience exceptional bass production with a pair of tuned and sealed 10" Low-Pro enclosures loaded with our Low-Pro 10” performance subwoofers. Optimized for maximum bass output, this stellar combination will bring the low end roar you've been dreaming of. Plus, these enclosures fit directly under your seats regardless of bolt position or seat brand - get ready for massive bass today!

Elite Series Stage 6 Includes (1) 8" Pair of Loudspeakers

THE PODS: Take your audio setup to the next level with Wet Sounds®' 8” Cage Mount Pods. Boasting a premium, durable design and custom UTV Stereo Axia Alloys® dual-clamp system for easy 360 degree swivel, this pod is perfect for use with UTV Stereo's 8” Compression Horn Loudspeakers. Enjoy superior sound quality and versatility - get your cage mount pods today!

THE HORNS: Experience maximum output and longevity with Wet Sounds®' 8” Compression Horn Speakers. With an IP65 rating and UV Protective Coating, these high efficiency, high output loudspeakers are designed to perform exceptionally well even at high volumes. Enjoy dynamic audio projection up to 300 yards - get your compression horn speakers today!

Enhance your UTV stereo setup with Wet Sounds®' Elite Series Bluetooth® Controller Kit and RGB Speaker Rings. Easily customize the look of your speakers using the LED RGB rings and control them wirelessly via the controller kit, included in each Elite Stereo Kit. Make the most of your audio setup - get yours today!


Looking to customize your UTV stereo setup with all the right accessories? Look no further than Wet Sounds®. Easily add a chase light, cooler, particle separator, or any other accessory you need without sacrificing sound quality. Show off your cans with our exclusive brushed aluminum UTV Stereo badges. For more sound and power, add two more 10" UTVS Low-Profile subwoofers and another 1200-Watt Elite Series Amplifier for the Can-Am® X3 Max (Four Seat Models). Get the 1200-Watt Rear Seat Upgrade today to any X3 Stereo Kit by selecting the appropriate variant - and get all of it backed by Wet Sounds®' exclusive U.S.-engineered Elite Stage kits!

This Stage 7 Elite Stereo Kit is crazy loud yet balanced to cut through wind and engine noise with ease.

Key Features:

  • RGB Bluetooth Speaker Lighting
  • Front, Rear, & Sub Independent Control
  • Stereo Power Rocker Switch
  • Dash Mountable USB/AUX Inputs
  • AM/FM Antenna Included
  • Sealed Marine High Powered Amplifiers
  • Strongest & Lightest Cage Pods Available
  • Deep Bass with Clean Loud Highs


  • Low-Pro Enclosure (Front): 2017+ 2 Seater & 4 Seater - This Subwoofer Enclosure has been specifically designed to allow ANY model of seat to move into ANY bolt position.
  • Up-Fire Enclosure (Front): 2017+ 2 Seater & 4 Seater - This enclosure only allows X3 Stock seats to be in the TOP bolt position and does not allow you to lower the seats to a lower bolt position. This Subwoofer Enclosure has been specifically designed to give MORE Airspace than the Low-Pro Enclosure.  
  • Low-Pro Enclosure (Rear): 2017+ 4 Seater - 'The Low-Pro Rear Enclosure' This Subwoofer Enclosure has been specifically designed for the rear seats in an X3. It features a low profile design.

    *Use low profile sub boxes if you have seat lowering bases.

    UTV Stereo Elite Stage 7 Stereo System for Can-Am X3 Includes:

    • 1 - UTV STEREO Elite Series 1000.4D Amplifier
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Elite Series 1200.1D Amplifier
    • 4 - UTV STEREO 6.5" Signature Series Speakers
    • 2 - UTV STEREO 8" Elite Series Compression Horn Speakers
    • 2 - 10" Kicker® Comp-RT® Sub Woofers
    • 2 - UTV STEREO 6.5" Dash Mount Speaker Enclosures
    • 2 - UTV STEREO 6.5" Kick Panel Mount Speaker Enclosures
    • 4 - UTV STEREO 6.5" RGB LED Speaker Rings
    • 2 - UTV STEREO 8" Rear Cage Mount Speaker Enclosures
    • 2 - UTV STERO 8" RGB LED Speaker Rings
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Bluetooth® RGB Controller Kit
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Front Low-Pro Driver Sub Woofer Enclosure
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Front Low-Pro Passenger Sub Woofer Enclosure
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Large Upper Amp Mount
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Lower MC-20® Mount
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Source Unit Harness + Rocker Switch
    • 1 - WET SOUNDS® MC-20® Head Unit 
    • 1 - UTV STEREO USB / AUX
    • 1 - UTV STEREO X3 Center Console Covers (Pair)
    • 1 - UTV STEREO AM / FM Antenna
    • 2 - UTV STEREO 86" Power Harness (80Amp Fused) [UTVS-HRN-AMP-PWR-86]
    • 1 - UTV STEREO 6 Conductor Speaker Wire (50')
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Stage Kit Install Kit

    UTV Stereo Elite Rear Seat Subwoofer Upgrade (4 Seat X3 Models) Includes:

    • 1 - UTV STEREO Elite Series 1200.1D Amplifier
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Rear Low-Pro Driver Sub Woofer Enclosure
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Rear Low-Pro Passenger Sub Woofer Enclosure
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Lower Amplifier Mount
    • 1 - UTV STEREO 86" Power Harness (80Amp Fused) [UTVS-HRN-AMP-PWR-86]
    • 2 - 10" Kicker® Comp-RT® Sub Woofers
    • 1 - UTV STEREO Install Kit

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