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UTV Stereo Elite Series 1600W 5-Channel Amplifier

SKU: UTVS-E1600.5D
Sale price$850.00

UTV Stereo 1600 Watt 5 Channel Amplifier 

The UTVS-E1600.5D Elite Series 1600W 5-Channel Amplifier is an ideal choice for a powerful utv stereo system. With 1600 Watts of maximum power, this amplifier provides crystal-clear sound quality, high headroom, and low distortion levels. Enjoy pristine sound quality in any environment with this amplifier.

Rock out with the UTVS-E1600.5D Elite Series 5-Channel Amplifier! This bad boy is all you need to turn your UTV stereo up to 11! Its 1600W of power will ensure you hear every beat crystal clear, whether you're out on the trails or just cruising around. Don't be caught with a weak signal or muffled sound - upgrade to the UTVS-E1600.5D!

  • IRS full class D technology offers efficiency and performance
  • Designed specifically for powersport or marine applications
  • Top tuning control access
  • Conformal coated and water resistant to withstand outdoor elements
  • Ultra-compact size for easy installation
  • Surface mount component technology
  • Audio precision quality control verification
  • Stable and reliable four-layer PCB trace layout
  • Power, protection, and clipping LED indicators
  • Short circuit, thermal, high/low voltage protection
  • Excellent signal to noise and FM noise rejection


  • RMS Power Output at 2 Ohm: 200W x 4CH + 800W
  • RMS Power Output at 4 Ohm: 125W x 4CH + 500W
  • RMS Power Output at 4 Ohm Bridged: 400W X 2CH (F&R CH'S)
  • Crossover Range: HPF: 40-400Hz (F&R CHs) LPF: 50-250Hz (SUB)
  • Frequency Range: 20-20KHz / 20-250Hz
  • Water resistant IP67 Certified
  • Conformal Coated PCB Certified
  • Dimensions: 11.83” x 4.41” x 1.89”
utv stereo 5 channel 1600 watt amplifier in gold sitting on white background
UTV Stereo Elite Series 1600W 5-Channel Amplifier Sale price$850.00