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UTV Universal Side/Rearview Mirror – 1.5″ Round Tube | Seizmik

SKU: 18037
Sale price$24.69

Part Number: 18037
Fits 1.5″ Round Tube ROPS (rollover protection system)

  • Mounts Anywhere—Mount these universal-sized mirrors as side view or rear view mirrors or use for any vehicle that accepts a 1.5″ round clamp, such as a tractor or a boat
  • Complete Set of Mirrors —Buy 3 to have 2 side view mirrors and a rear view mirror
  • Large Range of View—Thanks to the mirrors convex surface and large viewing surface, this mirror gives the driver a large range of view
  • Designed Specially for UTV tasks—The high impact plastic allows this mirror to really take a hit and keep on reflecting
  • Ball Socket Joint—The ball socket joint gives the mirror a wide range of viewing angles
  • Specifications—4.5″x8″ viewing surface, 1.5″ Clamp
  • Shatterproof Tempered Glass—For increased safety

Does not work on Pro-Fit or Profiled cages.

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UTV Universal Side/Rearview Mirror – 1.5″ Round Tube | Seizmik Sale price$24.69