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Versa-Vent Self Install Kit (includes 2 vents) | Seizmik

SKU: 90049
Sale price$86.44

Part Number: 90049

Fits Any Hard Coated Polycarbonate Windshield

WARNING: Installation requires cutting your windshield. Please read directions carefully and install AT YOUR OWN RISK. Only attempt to cut polycarbonate windshields. Acrylic windshields will most likely crack if you attempt to install this kit. DO NOT attempt to install in glass.

The Versa-Vent self install kit from Seizmik, includes 2 Seizmik Versa-Vents, cutting template, and all mounting hardware. The dual vent system is designed to add driver and passenger ventilation and anti-fogging features to polycarbonate windshields.

The scoop design gathers air off the hood and re-directs it to the inside of the vehicle—even slow speeds generate a surprising amount of air through the vent. The design of the scoop and the gasket between it and the windshield keeps precipitation out while still allowing airflow in—as much or as little as either the driver or passenger desires.

The innovative windshield vents include:

  • Durable glass-filled nylon construction
  • Easy-to-use louvers
  • Variable airflow and defog
  • Gasket seals for minimizing water intrusionVents allow for independent control of the amount and direction of airflow.


Seizmik's Versa Vents are cleverly designed to gather air off the hood of the machine and redirects it to the inside of the vehicle.

Defog Mode:

When placed in ‘defog' mode, the vent directs outside air onto the inside surface of the windshield to prevent fogging.

Versa-Vent Self Install Kit (includes 2 vents) | Seizmik Sale price$86.44