Viking 4 Foot LED Bluetooth Whip Pair R1 Industries



The Viking Whip is the budget version of our Wildcat Extreme whips. These do the same exact functions but just doesn't have quite as many LED's. They also use a 22 gage wire instead of 18 gage wire in the wiring harness because less power is needed because there are fewer LED's. These are still very high quality and fit all budgets! Don't be scared these are amazing whips! 

R1 Industries whips use the brightest 5050 LED lamps on the market. With tons of research and development from certified engineers our whips are guaranteed to outshine all our competition. Our LED’s are wrapped around our whips giving you the maximum protection in all directions. We also use the clearest UV resistant protective tubing available on the market so that your whips will always look brand new. These whips have been tested on machines with over 850 horsepower and can withstand extreme abuse!!!

  • LED Light Whips with flat black quick release mounts.
  • Ultra-Clear UV resistant heat shrink for super bright vibrant colors.
  • Controlled VIA Bluetooth with Music Mode and full customization. 
  • Super high-quality double-sided flags.
  • Extremely Strong and have been tested on machines with over 850 Horsepower.

Operating Voltage: DC12V.
Size: 4FT.
Base: Flat Black Base with Quick Release.
Waterproof: IP67.
LED Lifespan: 50,000 hours.
Mode Options: All Solid Colors, 15 preset modes, DIY Mode, Music Mode. 

Typically used for off-road vehicles such as Sand Rails, Buggies , ATV/UTV, 4x4's, Jeeps, Boats, etc!

2 x 4FT LED Light Whips
2 x Super High Quality Double Sided Flags.
1 x Dual Bluetooth 22 Gage Wiring Harness

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Type: Lighting & Electronics