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ZBROZ Dual Rate Spring Kit | Can-Am Commander Max XT-P

SKU: K30-CA1001-0
Sale price$725.00 Regular price$750.00

In the realm of off-road mastery, where Revolution Off-Road reigns as the epitome of performance and innovation, we proudly introduce the ZBROZ Stage 1 Dual Rate Spring Kit for the Can-Am Commander MAX XT-P. This isn't just an add-on or an accessory; it's a transformative upgrade engineered to radically enhance your UTV's performance and durability. If you're contemplating a single, pivotal modification for your Can-Am Commander, look no further—this spring kit is it.

Let's talk about versatility. Unlike your stock springs that merely offer a baseline performance, this comprehensive kit is engineered to meet the demands of an off-road lifestyle that often includes extra weight from aftermarket accessories. Whether you've outfitted your vehicle with additional lights, winches, or any other hardware, this spring kit is specifically calibrated to accommodate those upgrades, ensuring optimum performance under varied conditions.

The benefits are manifold and immediate. From the moment you integrate this kit, you'll experience a remarkable improvement in ride quality, irrespective of the terrain. Enjoy an increased ride height of 1" to 2", a pivotal feature that allows your UTV to traverse rough landscapes with ease. But elevation is just the beginning—the real magic lies in the enhanced ride comfort and drastically reduced body roll. Whether you're tackling rocky inclines or sandy plains, this dual-rate spring kit assures exceptional small and large bump damping capabilities.

Bottoming resistance? It's increased substantially, without compromising on low-speed compliance. And say goodbye to rear bucking, an issue many off-roaders face but few can resolve as effectively as this kit does. With high tensile, lightweight springs as part of the package, you're not adding undue weight to your vehicle; you're adding unbridled performance.

Precision is at the core of this kit, and that's evident in the rear billet crossover rings, which allow you to fine-tune your crossover point with surgical accuracy. This customization allows you to tailor your UTV's performance to your unique driving style and the specific challenges you face on your off-road expeditions.

The installation process is streamlined for convenience. The DIY enthusiasts can easily install it themselves, but if you prefer expert assistance, your local ZBROZ dealer can set it up perfectly for you.

When you invest in the ZBROZ Stage 1 Dual Rate Spring Kit from Revolution Off-Road, you're not just making an upgrade; you're making a statement. A statement that you refuse to settle, that you demand the best, and that you are ready to conquer any trail that lies ahead.

ZBROZ Dual Rate Spring Kit | Can-Am Commander Max XT-P
ZBROZ Dual Rate Spring Kit | Can-Am Commander Max XT-P Sale price$725.00 Regular price$750.00