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ZBROZ Dual Rate Spring Kit | Can-Am X3 72" Wide 2 Seater

SKU: K30-CA14-72
Sale price$859.00 Regular price$1,050.00

Why settle for stock springs that fall short when you accessorize your UTV with high-performance add-ons? Our ZBROZ Spring Kit is engineered to adapt to the added weight of aftermarket accessories, effortlessly providing the additional stability and resilience you demand.

At Revolution Off-Road, we believe in holistic performance. Here's a detailed look at what sets this ZBROZ Spring Kit leagues apart:

  • Ascend to New Heights: Achieve an elevated ride height of 1" to 2" to effortlessly conquer diverse and challenging terrains.
  • Unmatched Smoothness: Traversing rocky paths, sandy landscapes, or muddy trails, this spring kit ensures a ride that's unparalleled in its smoothness and comfort.
  • Tactical Stability: Reduce body roll during high-speed maneuvers and sharp turns, making your off-road experiences both safer and more thrilling.
  • Optimal Bottoming Resistance: No need to compromise on low-speed compliance while gaining the benefit of enhanced resistance against bottoming out.
  • Rear Bucking Be Gone: Eliminate rear bucking to foster a more controlled and enjoyable ride.
  • Feather-Light Strength: Our high tensile, lightweight springs ensure that you get maximum performance without the burden of added weight.
  • Precision Tuning: Utilize the rear billet crossover rings to fine-tune your ride's crossover point to match your unique riding style and the challenges you aim to conquer.

The installation process is as straightforward as it gets. Choose to get hands-on with a DIY setup or opt for expert installation through our network of certified ZBROZ dealers.

In a world of ordinary, dare to rise above with the ZBROZ Stage 1 Dual Rate Spring Kit for your Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX 4-Seat. At Revolution Off-Road, we don't just provide equipment; we offer an evolution in your riding experience. Because with us, The Ride is On!

ZBROZ Dual Rate Spring Kit | Can-Am X3 72" Wide 2 Seater
ZBROZ Dual Rate Spring Kit | Can-Am X3 72" Wide 2 Seater Sale price$859.00 Regular price$1,050.00