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EFX MotoHammer UTV Tire

SKU: MH-27-9-14
Sale price$233.00

EFX MotoHammer UTV Tire

The MotoHammer tire, based on your description, is an impressive product packed with high-end features and designed to excel in hard pack conditions. Let's break down the key features:

  1. Superior Hard Pack Traction Control: Developing a tire that performs exceptionally well on hard-packed surfaces is indeed a challenge, and your claim suggests that MotoHammer successfully provides excellent traction on such terrains.

  2. Largest Contact Patch: A larger contact patch generally means better traction, as it allows for more of the tire's surface to be in contact with the ground. This can lead to superior handling and stability.

  3. 8-Ply Carcass & Radial Performance: An 8-ply carcass indicates a highly robust and durable design. Radial construction improves handling and heat dissipation, which can extend tire lifespan.

  4. Shoulder Tooth Lug: This specific lug design seems aimed at providing additional grip in challenging situations, increasing the tire's versatility and off-road capabilities.

  5. High-Speed Rating and Radial Technology: This combination allows for safe and stable performance at high speeds, which is particularly crucial in racing scenarios.

  6. Approval by Sponsored Race Teams: Testing and approval by race teams in events like KOTH (King of the Hammers), SCORE (Southern California Off Road Enthusiasts), and BITD (Best In The Desert) provides credibility and shows that the tire can withstand intense, high-speed, off-road environments.

  7. Conforming Soft Compound: This re-engineered compound is designed to adapt to different terrains, which should enhance the tire's performance in various off-road situations.

  8. Variety of Sizes and Applications: By offering the MotoHammer tire in a range of sizes, it can fit a broad range of ATVs/UTVs, making it a versatile choice for consumers.

In conclusion, the MotoHammer tire seems like a significant breakthrough in the ATV/UTV tire industry, offering superior performance, particularly on hard-packed surfaces. Its blend of durability, performance, and comfort make it an attractive option for both racers and recreational trail riders.

  • Revolutionary 8-ply construction for superior cut, puncture and tear resistance
  • Enhanced traction on all terrain types
  • Pre-mounted, pre-balanced radial tire design
  • Self-cleaning tread pattern for maximum grip and control
  • High performance carcass designed to reduce vibration and provide a comfortable ride

Size Options: 

  • 27x9 R14
  • 27x11 R14
  • 28x10 R14
  • 30x10 R14
  • 30x10 R15
  • 31x10 R14
  • 32x10 R15
  • 32x10 R16
  • 33x10 R18
  • 34x10 R20
utv tire efx tire motohammer close up tread picture on white background
EFX MotoHammer UTV Tire Sale price$233.00

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Lane Giles
Love the MotoHammer tires...

Love the MotoHammer tires on every terrain. Revolution OR has helped me with several questions and has quickly provided the best parts.