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The Cardo PACKTALK Intercom Headset improves communication while on the trails. With advanced linking features, a noise-filtering mic, and high-quality audio, you won't have to worry about screaming directions to drivers at the end of a long day.

Cardo PACKTALK headphones are built for the real world. Whether you’re miles away from anywhere trying to spot a line through a boulder field or trackside changing a tire, their rugged, IP67 water-resistant design can handle it. They’re rugged enough for the trail, and they’re extremely comfortable enough to wear all day. With quality HD audio, communication is crystal clear whether you’re sending or receiving. All you have to do is pop your PACKTALK Bold unit into the integrated cradle, and you’re ready to keep the communication flowing with no batteries to maintain on the headset itself.

The Cardo PACKTALK Bold is the ultimate helmet-to-helmet intercom for UTV riders. It pairs easily with 14 other DMC-enabled PACKTALK units for crystal clear communication in large groups. It has up to a 1-mile range in ideal conditions that can be extended thanks to Cardo’s propriatary Dynamic Mesh Communication. It’s easy to use and gives you the most reliable wireless group intercom system on the market.

The base $129 price is going to get you the headset only. This option is for you if you already have the Cardo PACKTALK unit and you are wanting to add the headset option. 

If you are wanting the complete setup, allowing you to talk to other Cardo headsets, you will need the full kit for $469

PACKTALK Intercom Headset Features:

    • High-quality HD audio
    • 40 mm speakers
    • Lightweight and rugged industrial design
    • Fully adjustable fit and padded headband for comfort
    • Noise isolating 5/8” ear pads
    • Noise-filtering, integrated boom microphone
    • Water resistant
    PACKTALK Bold UTV Intercom:
    • Uses Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC)
    • Connects up to 15 PACKTALK units in a group
    • Up to 1-mile unit-to-unit range in perfect conditions
    • Connects to standard Bluetooth intercom devices and DMC-enabled PACKTALK units simultaneously
    • Connects to phone, GPS, and DMC group simultaneously
    • Natural voice activation
    • 13-hour talk time
    • IP67 water resistant rating
    • Built-in FM radio
    • High-definition audio

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