Custom Buffed Paddle Tires and Wheel Set (RZR)

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BoonDocker Tire & Wheel package deals include your choice of rims and custom buffed sand tires. They ship pre-mounted for easy installation. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING!


For the sand dune enthusiast that wants the highest quality tire pre-mounted with a lightweight wheel, the BoonDocker Tire & Wheel package includes a set of your choice of any rim we stock mounted with our Custom Buffed paddle tire (rear) and Custom Rough Buffed tire (front) for the ultimate in lightweight performance with the easiest at-home installation!


This item is a complete set of four (4) wheels and tires for the Polaris RZR (see below). Choose your wheel style and paddle configuration.

  1. Rim Diameter:
    1. 15' rims will fit:
      1. RZR XP1000
      2. RZR XP-Turbo
      3. RZR XP Turbo-S
      4. RZR RS1
      5. RZR Pro-XP
  2. Bolt Pattern:
    1. 4x156 fits:
      1. RZR XP1000
      2. RZR XP-Turbo
      3. RZR XP Turbo-S
      4. RZR RS1
      5. RZR Pro-XP
Wheel Specs

A lightweight alternative to bead-locks with the ultimate grip, even at low tire pressures, the Method Wheel with Bead Grip technology is a wheel that not only looks great, but also performs.

  1. Patented Bead Grip technology engages tire bead for increased grip at low tire pressures.
  2. Aggressive safety hump on bead seats further prevents de-beading.
  3. Reinforced inner lip taken from MRW race wheel increases strength.
  4. Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  5. Super strong 1600 lbs. load rating
  6. Off-sets
    1. 410 Wheel (RZR only)
      1. Front wheel: 13mm / 4+3
      2. Rear wheel: 25mm / 6+4
    2. 411 Wheel (CanAm or RZR)
      1. Front wheel: 13mm / 4+3
      2. Rear wheel: 25mm / 6+4
  7. Wheel Weights
      1. 410 Wheel (RZR only)
        1. Front wheel weight: 14.8 lbs.
        2. Rear wheel weight: 17.2 lbs.
      2. 411 Wheel (CanAm or RZR)
        1. Front wheel weight: 14.4 lbs.
        2. Rear wheel weight: 16.9 lbs.
    Wheel Styles


    Method 410 UTV Bead Grip®

    Method 411 UTV Bead Grip®

    Tire Specs

    The lightweight, high-performance Custom Buffed Sand Tire features a Made-in-the-USA casing for the highest quality, bead-to-bead buffing to reduce weight and increased pliability, and a full-width paddle for maximum performance.

    1. Tires come pre-mounted on your rims. All you have to do is bolt them up and add air!
    2. Lightweight, 2-ply “Extreme” Casing (lighter than the competition)
    3. Casing built in the USA, buffed, and paddled in the USA.
    4. Full width paddle (rear tires) or Rough Buff (front tires)
    5. Bead-to-bead buffing for the lightest tire on the market as well as increased traction in the sand
    6. Rogue custom paddles:
      1. Laser-set for a straight and true paddle pattern
      2. Knife-edge technology cuts the sand with minimal effort.
      3. Clean-paddle technology increases performance while minimizing roost and sand throw (something your riding buddies will appreciate)
      4. 7/8' tall paddle
    7. Tire Weights: Tire weights will vary depending on roll-out. We’re posting the average weight, which can be assumed to be +/- 1.5 lbs. 14” tires are approximately 1 lb heavier than the posted 15” tire weights.
      1. Front Buffed: 18 lbs.
      2. 12-paddle: 22 lbs.
      3. 14-paddle: 23.5 lbs.
      4. 16-paddle 24.5 lbs.
    1. 12-paddle: Up to 165 RWHP. The best choice for all four-seat UTV’s, stock RZR XP1000 and stock horsepower on either a CanAm X3 or RZR XPT/Turbo-S.
    2. 14-paddle: Up to 205 RWHP. The best choice for a properly tuned and clutched CanAm X3 or RXR XPT/Turbo-S two-seater. Also a great choice for vehicles with an upgraded turbo, but running pump-gas!
    3. 16-paddle: Above 200 RWHP: The best choice for a CanAm X3 or RZR XPT/Turbo-S with an upgraded turbo, tuning, and clutching (generally av-gas or race-gas applications).

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