Experience True Quality - Assault Ind. On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit

Experience True Quality - Assault Ind. On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit

Are you looking for a high-quality, lightweight, and quiet tool kit to use when you're out and about? The Assault Industries On-The-Go Tool Kit has got you covered. Built with the UTV enthusiast in mind, this 62-piece kit is tailored for those on the go who need gear that can handle every situation.

The handpicked tools are perfect for any job, whether it's in the shop or out on an adventure. And it’s all packaged together in a no-noise pouch crafted from durable woven nylon material and accented with Assault yellow stitch. All components of the tool kit are premium grade and feature the iconic Assault Industries branding. Socket pocket, velcro flaps, clasps and handle are all made to withstand rough conditions and get through any challenge thrown at them.

UTV Toolkit

The combination wrenches come clearly labeled with metric sizes, so picking your tools is always easy. Rebuildable ratchets were designed with an ergonomically shaped handle and smooth anti-skip operation of 90T (90 tooth gear) along with a tiny 4 degree swing radius – ideal for working in tight spaces! Drivers feature hex base near to give you extra torque when paired with a wrench. Finally, the ball-peen hammer comes complete with comfortable rubber grip and long handle for added convenience.

And as if having top of the line gear wasn't enough already, Assault Industries also provides a limited lifetime warranty on all their tools! So don't get stuck unprepared - grab your On-The-Go Tool Kit by Assault Industries today! With everything you need to tackle any task ahead of you - it's time to up your game and experience true quality!

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