Aftermarket Assassins Launch Control Module Polaris RZR PRO XP / Turbo R
Aftermarket Assassins Launch Control Module Polaris RZR PRO XP / Turbo R
Aftermarket Assassins Launch Control Module Polaris RZR PRO XP / Turbo R

Aftermarket Assassins Launch Control Module Polaris RZR PRO XP / Turbo R


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**AA custom tunes for your PV3 device are required to work with our custom tuned/wired LCM*

Launch control for your Pro XP!  This module utilizes a momentary switch to be engaged and allow for launch control to build boost at the starting line for drag racing, or other types of racing.... and just plain fun.  The amount of boost you build at the line depends on your CVT clutch engagement, and RPM settings in the launch control module.  The higher the engagement RPM, the more boost you can build.

With only brake boosting, the manifold pressure in the plenum is around 7-8 PSI. With launch control, we see 14-17 PSI depending on RPM at launch and other factors. This is a huge swing and is building 7-10 extra PSI to start, giving you much faster turbo spool and acceleration.  When looking at boost numbers on your PV3 gauge, you'll see the number go from a negative to a positive pressure. 

  • Fits 2020-2022 Pro XP/Turbo R Models ONLY
  • Launch RPM is programmed by us, but can also be changed via Windows computer and DynoJet C3 software by the end user.  
  • Developed with DynoJet with our own wiring, switch, programming, tune and tech support
  • To use this module, we highly suggest going to our AA primary clutch as the stock clutch may not be durable enough to handle launch control, especially anything over 2000 RPM.  **If using the OEM clutch with launch control, USE CAUTION**
  • Knowing what launch RPM to choose: Launch control should always be used with caution and set up properly for your clutch engagement. Clutch engagement can be tested by having the vehicle in high range, then slowly pressing the gas pedal down while looking at RPM. The RPM where the vehicle starts to move is your engagement RPM. Test on flat ground a few times to make sure you get consistent results. We are looking for launch control to be right at engagement RPM. It's best to check this before purchasing the LCM, if possible.  Once you receive the module, we suggest double checking your engagement RPM/launch RPM is correct by using launch control without holding the brake. The vehicle should just barely want to move if set up properly. If the vehicle is lurching and really trying to move, you need to get a higher stall spring, a fresh clutch spring, or lower launch RPM. 
  • 2000 RPM Launch: This launch RPM works with AA clutch kits that engage at roughly 2000 RPM
  • 2300 RPM Launch:  This launch RPM requires our AA Gray/White spring for P90X clutch, or the Teal spring if you have our AA HD primary clutch
  • 2500 RPM Launch:  This Launch RPM should NOT be ran on the OEM primary. ONLY run with our solid Blue spring if you have our AA HD primary clutch
  • To engage launch control, start the vehicle and make sure the vehicle is at an idle (module will not engage launch mode if vehicle is at over 1500 RPM). Now press and hold the launch switch while giving the vehicle throttle. Go full throttle and the vehicle should hold at your desired launch RPM. Most will hold the brake at the same time to keep vehicle from creeping forward. When ready to accelerate, drop the brake and launch switch at the same time and the vehicle will..... well launch!
  • Adjusting Launch RPM: For more information on this, go to our tech section and read our post on using/adjusting your LCM. Basic rundown is: Download the DynoJet C3 software (from, plug in your LCM via the supplied USB, then go to "Configure", “Feature Enables and Inputs Selections” then click “Launch Control” and you’ll see target RPM. Change this value as desired, click “Send” up top (green upward arrow), and that’s it. 
  • Tune updates are REQUIRED for those that purchased their tunes from us before 8-25-2020.  We had to update our tunes to desensitize misfire or the vehicle would go into limp mode.  We charge $25 to update tunes to the latest version.  After you purchase we'll email asking for your PV_INFO file with instructions.  If you are currently purchasing our tunes or purchased our tunes/tuner after 8-25-2020 then you can select the "No, I don't need my tunes updated" option in the drop down.
  • See instructions HERE
  • Part # 2 Seat : 117-96070006-2
  • Part # 4 Seat : 117-96070006-4

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