Aftermarket Assassins Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit 2017-2021 Polaris Ranger Xp1000
Aftermarket Assassins Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit 2017-2021 Polaris Ranger Xp1000
Aftermarket Assassins Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit 2017-2021 Polaris Ranger Xp1000
Aftermarket Assassins Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit 2017-2021 Polaris Ranger Xp1000

Aftermarket Assassins Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit 2017-2021 Polaris Ranger Xp1000


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Select the kit option for new body style Ranger 1000 (2018+ standard cab or 2019+ crew cab) or the original body style (2017 standard cab or 2017-18 crew cab).  Make sure you are 100% on this as the clutch components are different and ordering the wrong kit could cause damage to your clutch.

Get ready, your Ranger 1000 is about to transform!  This simple to install lock and load kit delivers big horsepower, wicked acceleration, and a Ranger that feels like an RZR! The factory 80 horsepower Ranger 1000 is very limited from the factory, and we are here to help.  The Ranger 1000 motor is essentially the same motor that is in the RZR S 1000, with smaller lift cams.  Even with the weaker cams, this motor is still capable of nearly 100 HP on pump fuel.  The key to more horsepower on this platform is RPM, which is limited not only in programming but by clutching also.  In this tune we remove torque limitations holding back horsepower at higher RPM, extend rev limits, and tune fuel & timing tables for the higher RPM.  This combination provides excellent results and the horsepower/speed you are looking for!  This Lock & Load kit also includes our primary spring and magnetic adjustable clutch weights.  Having adjustable weights is important as no Ranger is the same, and we send you with a guideline to help initially setup your ranger depending on where you ride, tire size, and model.  The clutching allows us to rev the motor to 7500-7800 RPM where best power is made and the difference is simply unreal.  This simple kit is a must have for those looking for more out of their Ranger 1000!

  • Kit includes: AA tuned Powervision ECU tuner, S1 clutch kit (primary weights & primary spring)
  • AA custom tuned Powervision tuner flashes your ECU and can be uninstalled after, or mounted for gauges
  • MUCH quicker throttle response and power delivery in performance mode.  Work and standard mode have stock throttle mapping for smoother throttle when needed.
  • Throttle by wire limiters disabled
  • AA's wicked timing and fuel curve
  • More mid range fuel for increased mid range power and response
  • Misfire detection desensitized correctly (not disabled in order to keep some safety)  
  • Cooler running motor with the fan temps decreased to 190 on / 185 off
    • Winter tunes (runs hotter but safe coolant temps) available for those with cabs/heaters in cold climates. Easy to switch when seasons change!
  • Factory speed limiters removed (Normally 50 MPH on a crew, 60 MPH on regular Rangers)
  • Regular cab models can see speeds from 75-80 MPH, and crew models can see speeds up to 70 MPH.
  • 2 foot limits disabled (brake/gas at the same time)
  • Optional seatbelt limiter disabled
  • Rev limit raised to a safe 8800 RPM
  • Buttery smooth engagement, gets rid of the factory jerk off idle
  • Faster acceleration
  • Wicked throttle response and quicker down shifts
  • Cooler running belt temps (especially when running larger tires)
  • Our Recoil clutch weights are easily adjustable with simple magnets.  They have a custom AA profile, the BEST coating on the market (nitrocarburizing) which has increased wear resistance, improved fatigue strength, and added surface lubricity. These clutch weights also offer great performance, and the ability to tune for many different applications or modification in the future, without the need to buy extra parts.  The magnetic weights are the best option to properly place the mass where we need it on the weight for best performance for your application.
  • Clutch is easily adjustable for different tires, added weight, or riding styles.  Comes with an initial setup guideline.
  • Tuner will allow you to view and erase most trouble codes
  • Easily program back to stock if needed
  • Easily data log 25 parameters on the fly and review on a Windows computer later
  • Crew cab models will need a cable extension if you plan on mounting the tuner.  If you plan on simply flashing and removing the tuner, you would not need the extension.  Most with Rangers do not mount the tuner, but you certainly can.
  • Choose between different tunes for 87 octane or 91 octane
  • The Level 1 tune is the most common and is meant for the factory exhaust system, and no other major engine modifications.  When properly clutched, this tune is capable of 95-100 HP on 91 octane fuel.  With the 87 octane timing curve, you would see around 90-92 horsepower.  Peak power is made between 7500-7800 RPM, so clutching is highly recommended for best performance. 
  • The Level 2 tune has all the features of the Level 1 tune but with fueling designed for an exhaust system.  Gains would depend on the exhaust that you are using, but normally would show another 5-10 crank HP.
  • Wondering why go with our tune(s) over the DynoJet tunes? We go the extra mile to make sure everything is gained, and have a few extra tricks up our sleeve because we test in the real world. Other maps take their time to hit peak timing numbers which really hurts performance. Our map gets you into peak timing quicker, so max power seems more instant. We also have a great fuel curve that is designed to go with our timing curve, and offers better fueling for more power at WOT.  We also do some work with torque limiters as in the dirt we saw throttle closures when spinning the tires. Our map fixes that issue giving you 100% locked power delivery.  We also do the easy things like up the speed limiter to where you will never hit, disable 2 foot limiters, disable seatbelt limiters & more. Basically, this is the all out tune that has all the features you want built right into it. 

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