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Aftermarket Assassins Stage 4 Lock & Load Kit Polaris RZR XP Turbo 2017-2020

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Are you looking to hurt some feelings?  Then this is the kit for you!  This Stage 4 kit from Aftermarket Assassins is the most complete turbo upgrade kit you'll find for your RZR XP Turbo and backed with the best tuning out there to make your RZR rip all day long.  This kit combines absolutely everything you need to take your RZR to above and beyond the competition.  It includes Aftermarket Assassins big water cooled turbo, custom tuning, S3 complete clutching, our billet diverter/blow off valve, secondary clutch snap ring delete kit, pre-gapped spark plugs, performance slip-on exhaust, high flow intake tube, and high flow charge tube.  Our big water cooled turbo creates up to 255-260 crank horsepower! This complete turbo modification is just what you need for 25-27 PSI of boost!   Boost temps will skyrocket quickly on the factory turbo, where as with our aftermarket turbo, they will be much lower... even at boost temps over 25 pounds!  Now that we are moving air on the intake side, we need to get that air out.  Our turbo includes a higher, larger diameter exducer and 10 blade exhaust turbine to create less back pressure and heat buildup in the motor.  Heat buildup on the exhaust side is another HUGE issue with the factory turbo.  What's essentially happening is you are running out of exhaust flow, and that makes more power very hard to produce.  With this high flow turbine, we can increase boost and see a healthy increase in horsepower with our tuning on pump gas and race fuel.  The factory wastegate is also a big problem as it's very weak, and as time goes on the spring only gets weaker.  Building boost with a wimpy wastegate (like our competitors do) can produce varied results, hot temps, and turbo overheating.  We install a high pressure actuator complete with a new bracket.  This wastegate produces extremely consistent results, will hold a huge amount of boost, and is a key component in this turbo mod working so well.  Each turbo is fully blueprinted and balanced from our turbocharger manufacturer. Our custom tuned Powervision ECU flash device will send the tunes directly to your ECU, allow you to change tunes within 3 minutes, and easily return to stock.  It also has data logging capabilities, diagnostics, and is a great gauge allowing you to read boost, throttle position, RPM, and more.  We then transfer the power to the ground MUCH better than the factory with our S3 complete clutch kit.  Though we test mostly in the real world to get the best results, we did see a 7-10 RWHP increase from 20 MPH to 40 MPH on the wheel dyno with just the clutch kit.  This kit also includes our high flow exhaust to get rid of the catalytic converter and restrictive stock muffler.  This allows heat to escape much quicker, and allows us to tune more aggressively.  Our exhaust features an EXCELLENT sound that is fully adjustable with our quiet core that blocks off one outlet.  The diverter valve is an o-ringless tip design and is needed when increasing boost pressure to prevent factory valve failure.  It also comes with a plug so you can have that classic blow off CHHHH sound when you want it.  Our high flow intake and charge tube help to lower intake temps going into your motor which is HUGE when going with our Level 3 or higher tunes.  For more detail on each product, see the individual product listings.
  • Fits 2017-2020 RZR XP Turbo & Turbo S Models
  • Does not fit 2021 models, please see the 2021 RZR Turbo & Turbo S product section if you have a 2021 as the clutch system is different
  • Massive horsepower gains bundled into a simple package
  • Quicker throttle response and power delivery
  • Requires AA custom tunes built specifically for this turbo
  • For level 5 and 6 you MUST tighten your head bolts to 85ft-lbs (requires cam removal).  This is also suggested for level 4.
  • Stock like drivability!
  • On our dyno we saw 204 RWHP @ 27 PSI on 110 octane with some serious top end pull.  Other customers on car wheel dynos have reported 215-220 RWHP.  That's a calculated 255-260+ crank horsepower! 
  • Gain another 10-15 RWHP on pump gas tunes over the factory turbo (19-20 PSI on 2017+ models, 18-19 PSI on 2016 models)
  • Big gains in low end performance and crazy high end gains on longer pulls (this mod does not fade off anywhere near as much as the factory setup)
  • Lower EGT (Exhaust temps) due to higher exhaust flow and water cooling.  This results in much cooler air intake temps as well.
  • More efficient turbo all around which is easier on the turbo and motor even if you just want pump gas tuning (especially nice riding higher altitudes!)
  • Uses factory mounting points, and easily plugs into oil cooler lines in minutes
  • Includes head to turbo gasket, and you will re-use your gasket for the exhaust outlet as it's metal
  • All level tunes feature: Throttle by wire limiters disabled, Fan on/off temp lowered to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, Seatbelt limiter disabled, Speed limiter removed in low and high gears, Rev limit at a safe 9200 RPM, more throttle in low gear, better throttle response, and much more! 
  •  ECU Type/O2 Color drop down choice:  2017-18 models ALL have the standard black lead.  In 2019+ models blue O2 leads are wideband models and we must know this.  These models are a different ECU type and will NOT do an ECU read (we supply your stock file).  For more information on this, see this link:  
  • 1 tune is included in the price.  We would recommend going with 2 or more tunes as the factory tune will run the machine, but will go into overboost if trying to run wide open.
  • The Level 2 turbo upgrade tune is a very safe 16-17 PSI 91 octane tune, good to run on any 91 oxy/ethanol.  This tune produces 155-160 RWHP peak (calculated 195 crank HP), but will pull much harder and keep that horsepower maintained much better than the stock turbo.
  • The Level 3 turbo upgrade tune offers 18-20 PSI and is also meant to run on 91-93 octane fuel.  This produces 175 RWHP (calculated 220 crank HP) and comes on unbelievably strong, and keeps pulling.  Those with 91 non ethanol, or 93 even with ethanol will be fine on straight gas.  Those with oxygenated  91 might want to think about adding splash of race fuel or VP Octanium/boostane fuel additive.  
  • The Level 4 turbo upgrade tune is for 98-100 octane fuel. This will produce 185-187 RWHP (calculated 240 crank HP) at 22-23 PSI and hauls the mail!  Most will mix race fuel with pump fuel to get the 100 octane which is what we recommend.  A can of Octanium/boostane to your tank will also work with this tune.
  • The Level 5 turbo upgrade tune is for 110 octane fuel and simply drops the hammer!  You'll have everyone wondering what is done to your RZR with this bad ass tune.  A huge 25-26 PSI of boost that comes on HARD.  This tune produces 200-205+ RWHP (calculated 250-260 crank horsepower) on our dyno, and has shown 215-220 on customer dynos. We normally run this tune on 110 leaded fuel.  Leaded fuel is harder on O2 sensors but we have not had much of an issue.  We would suggest picking up another O2 sensor, or an O2 blockoff to keep around.
    • Supported mods needed:  AA big turbo tunes for PV, AA high flow intake tube, AA high flow charge tube, AA performance S3 clutch kit, AA blow off valve, AA slip-on exhaust or a slip-on exhaust that has the same flow. Power levels are shown with the AA exhaust with no quiet core installed.
    • Supported mods needed to run level 4-6:  Tighten head bolts to 85ft-lbs or install ARP studs to 85ft-lbs, gap plugs to .020", catch can (version 3 is highly suggested), and pre airbox intake tube
    • 2016 Models will need our high pressure fuel pump for Level 2 and higher
    • How to tell if you have a EVAP model :
    • Other recommended items:  XPT Catch Can, Revolver Billet Clutch Cover, AA Stryker Worlds Best CVT Belt, AA Blow Off Valve Filter, High Flow Powercore Air Filter
    • Performance Helix 1031 (aggressive holeshot):  For 2 seat XPT 28-32" Tires / 28-32" paddles. For 2 Seat Turbo S running 30-33" Tires or Paddles.  This helix works excellent for the listed setups and has a more aggressive shift angle from 0-25 MPH over the 1024 performance helix.  This is best for holeshots and aggressive riders that are trail riding, dune riding racing, and drag racing.  This setup will still crawl good when needed, but if your riding is more slow speed/crawling, we'd suggest the 1024 helix.  
    • Performance Helix 1024:  For 2 or 4 seat XPT 28-32" Tires or paddles. For Turbo S 2 or 4 Seat with 30-33" tires or 30-32" paddles.  The only difference over the 1031 performance helix is the shift angle from 0-25 MPH is slightly less aggressive. This makes it better for crawling and those slow speed situations, but it still pulls like crazy when needing to accelerate hard.  **Keep in mind if you have a 2018+ 4 seat model they are geared higher.  If your tires or paddles are 31-32" and heavy, you may want to go with the high load clutch kit**
    • High Load Helix:   For 2 seat XPT 34-35" Tires.  For 4 seat XPT 32-35" tires / 32" paddles. For 2 or 4 seat Turbo S running 34-35" tires.  If you are using very large/heavy tires, the high load helix might be the choice for you.  The high load helix is recommended for those turning heavy 34-35" tires.  This angle slows the shift down to help act like it's "gearing down" the secondary clutch.  This helps not over shift and cause belt slip.  **Keep in mind if you have a 2018+ 4 seat model they are geared higher.  If your tires or paddles are 31-32" and heavy, you may want to go with the high load clutch kit**

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Aftermarket Assassins Stage 4 Lock & Load Kit Polaris RZR XP Turbo 2017-2020
Aftermarket Assassins Stage 4 Lock & Load Kit Polaris RZR XP Turbo 2017-2020 Sale price$3,875.00