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Aftermarket Assassins Turbo oil Catch Can Polaris RZR Turbo

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Aftermarket Assassins RZR XPT catch can is a must have for those turning up the boost!  When boost pressure increases, so does crankcase pressure.  The extra boost also increases the airflow in your intake tube, and creates a straw effect on the stock crank case vent (which is routed into the intake tube).  Running oil through your turbo, charge tube, intercooler, and motor is not something ideal.  

This catch can eliminates that, and does a much better job than off the shelf catch cans.  This catch can is fully welded with a 1" port just like your factory intake tube.  A big problem with other catch cans is they use NTP or other fittings which have a really small ID, and very small air filter ID.  This restricts flow which builds more crankcase pressure... not good!  Our catch can provide the same amount or more pressure release than factory, and has a big 2" air filter ID.  

Aftermarket Assassins have found building too much pressure for long periods of time (sustained WOT runs on high boost) can push oil away from the bottom end and cause rod bearing failure. This happens mostly when racing or extremely aggressive riders holding it pinned without much down time for oil to go back to the bottom end.  For this reason and many others we created different versions of our catch can to decrease pressure.

  • Catch Can fits 2016-21 RZR XP Turbo and Turbo S Models
  • With some minor hose extension this can also be ran on the Pro XP/Turbo R instead of our intake/catch can combo (See image 3 which is version 3 mounted on the Pro XP)

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