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DynoJet Grip N Rip Clutch Kit for 20-22 Can-Am Defender HD10

SKU: 96080021
Sale price$332.99

DynoJet Grip N Rip Clutch Kit for 2020-2022 Can-Am Defender HD10

Fits2020-2022 Can-Am Defender HD10

Product Type: Clutch Kit

Product Brand: DynoJet


  • Heavy-duty belt engineered for high powered UTV / ATV application and rigorously tested to withstand harsh environments.
  • Constructed with top quality advanced polymer that resist shock loads and is structurally optimized for maximum clutch sleeve grip.
  • Supports Dynojet Power Vision 3 performance tunes, adjustable for Sand, Mud, Rock and Trail applications.
  • Enjoy increased top speed over stock and more efficient power transmission to the wheels with cooler clutch temps yielding increased belt life.
  • Made in the USA and backed by an industry exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • Advanced cooling design allows the belt to handle higher loads and increased stress, while still running cooler than OEM belts.
  • Get consistent performance regardless of weather and terrain with improved belt grip and power transfer.
  • Unique reinforced backing ensures long-lasting reliability and stability, making it an ideal solution for frequent riders in harsh conditions.
  • Tested for quality assurance under extreme abuse to ensure that your engine will get maximum torque and RPM output when you demand it.

Keep the CVT system on your machine operating efficiently using Dynojet’s Power Series belts to transmit all of your power to the ground. Built using state of the art technology, do your UTV a favor by buying the belt with the industry exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY. Dynojet’s adjustable clutch kit adds versatility add durability to your UTV

Designed and manufactured in the USA, our Power Series Belts provide persistent grip and maximum power transfer. Composed of high-quality compounds, our belts are built to outlast and outperform stock belts. As the leader in making and measuring power, ensuring it gets to the ground is a #1 priority for Dynojet. These belts leave no power hiding in the CVT compartment. Dynojet Clutch Kits were designed from the ground up. Each kit contains fully adjustable arms with magnetic weights, balanced springs, and a re-designed helix (where applicable). When paired with a Power Vision performance tune, Dynojet’s clutch kits allow for smooth engagement and delivers the power when you need it. All kits are developed on our in-house Dynojet Dyno and field tested to ensure maximum performance in all riding conditions.


DynoJet Grip N Rip Clutch Kit for 20-22 Can-Am Defender HD10
DynoJet Grip N Rip Clutch Kit for 20-22 Can-Am Defender HD10 Sale price$332.99