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DynoJet Intake Tube Kit | Can-Am X3 2021-23

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2021-23 Can-Am X3 Intake Tube Kit 

Immerse yourself in a new level of performance with Dynojet’s Intake Upgrade Kit, expertly designed for the 2021-23 Can-Am Maverick X3. This high-quality kit is engineered to deliver significantly improved air flow and throttle response when compared to stock components, offering an enhanced driving experience that you can feel the moment you hit the throttle.

One of the standout features of Dynojet’s Intake Upgrade Kit is its potential to boost power. When paired with a Power Vision 3 tune, it can deliver an estimated increase of 7 wheel horsepower. This additional power can be the difference between good and great, pushing your Can-Am Maverick X3 to new limits of performance.

Crafted with precision and a firm commitment to quality, this intake upgrade kit exemplifies Dynojet's dedication to enhancing the driving experience. It offers an easy, effective way to optimize the performance of your 2021-23 Can-Am Maverick X3, bringing a noticeable improvement in air flow and throttle response.

In essence, Dynojet’s Intake Upgrade Kit for the 2021-23 Can-Am Maverick X3 offers a superior alternative to stock intakes. By delivering better air flow, improved throttle response, and a considerable increase in horsepower when used with a Power Vision 3 tune, it stands as a compelling choice for those looking to elevate the performance of their UTV. Experience the Dynojet difference, and take your off-roading adventures to the next level.

Stock (green) vs. Intake Upgrade Kit + PV3 tune (red). Results may vary. Step up from stock performance with this Intake Upgrade Kit for the Can-Am Maverick X3, which optimizes the flow of air into the system, curing a major stock limitation when boost is added.   This kit will also smooth the air, providing a much better air flow for your X3.  Dynojet’s Intake Upgrade Kit includes:  1 Intake Tube   1 Hose Coupler  2 Clamps 

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DynoJet Intake Tube Kit | Can-Am X3 2021-23 Sale price$70.99 Regular price$85.00