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DynoJet Multi-Tool Clutch Service Kit | Can-Am X3

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Sale price$339.99

DynoJet Clutch Service Tool Kit For CanAm X3 

Eager to embrace a more hands-on approach with your Can-Am UTV's maintenance? With Dynojet’s Can-Am Clutch Service Kit, you can take complete control of your vehicle's clutch upgrades without the need for a dealer. This comprehensive kit offers you the freedom to service, modify, remove, and reinstall both the primary and secondary clutch at your convenience.

The Can-Am Clutch Service Kit from Dynojet is the answer for all Can-Am UTV owners who prefer the DIY approach for maintaining their vehicles. This kit is thoughtfully designed, encompassing all the necessary tools and parts to successfully service, modify, remove, and reinstall the primary and secondary clutch of your Can-Am UTV.

This robust service kit eliminates the need for dealership visits, giving you the independence to perform all clutch-related tasks from the comfort of your own garage. This not only saves you time and dealer service fees but also allows you to deeply understand your vehicle's performance mechanisms.

Embrace the satisfaction of maintaining your Can-Am UTV yourself, with the assurance that you have a high-quality, reliable clutch service kit from Dynojet to assist you. The autonomy you gain from handling your vehicle's maintenance equips you with the confidence and peace of mind that your UTV is always in peak running condition.

  • Able to change clutch weights while in car
  • Can assemble, disassemble, and modify primary clutch
  • Able to remove and disassemble secondary clutch for service or modification

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dynojet clutch service tool kit
DynoJet Multi-Tool Clutch Service Kit | Can-Am X3 Sale price$339.99