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MSA M35 Bandit UTV Wheel

SKU: M35-018737M
Sale price$303.00

MSA M35 Bandit UTV Wheel In Black 

Unleash your UTV's full potential with the MSA M35 Bandit UTV Wheel. Combining top-tier materials, state-of-the-art engineering, and eye-catching aesthetics, this wheel represents a significant breakthrough in the field of UTV aftermarket accessories.

The M35 Bandit is constructed from premium lightweight aluminum, delivering unmatched durability without compromising your UTV's performance. Its sturdy build is designed to endure the harshest off-road conditions, ensuring reliability on every trail.

This wheel boasts a unique, multi-spoke design that radiates strength and sophistication. The spokes gracefully curve from the center hub to the edge of the rim, creating a sense of continuous movement. Finished in a stylish gloss black paint and highlighted by intricate silver machined accents, the M35 Bandit commands attention and sets your UTV apart from the crowd.

What truly sets the M35 Bandit apart, though, is the precision micro-machining on the rim and spokes. These delicate details enhance the wheel's overall design and imbue it with an air of elegance.

Beyond its captivating aesthetics, the M35 Bandit delivers on performance. It offers superior handling and stability, promising a safe yet exciting off-road experience every time you hit the trails.

By choosing the M35 Bandit wheel, you're not merely purchasing a high-quality wheel; you're investing in MSA's promise of innovation, style, and unparalleled quality. Make a bold statement and elevate your UTV's performance with the MSA M35 Bandit UTV Wheel.

Mesh spoke design with offroad inspired milled accents on automotive grade gloss black paint. The M35 Bandit brings a classic mesh, split spoke design into 2018 with clean lines and unique milling lines. Available in milled gloss black paint, the M35 Bandit defines a new generation of MSA Offroad Wheels. Interchangeable center cap and star allow you to swap out accessories for custom colors and optional finishes. This is next level off-road performance. 

Available bolt patterns 

4 x 137  (X3)

4 x 156  (RZR)

MSA M35 Bandit UTV Wheel In Black  on white background
MSA M35 Bandit UTV Wheel Sale price$303.00