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Assault Industries Magnetic Swivel Mount

Sale price$39.95


Assault Industries Magnetic Swivel Mount (Mag Mount) is a highly versatile stand alone mounting solution for your mobile device or anything else that you need to mount, but then remove and take with you!  The swivel assembly is made from aluminum, steel and high strength delrin. The rare earth magnet is coated in rubber to protect surfaces and establishes a super strong connection with any steel surface.

The magnet can be mounted to the Full Metal Cradle/MDH mount bracket! Decals are supplied to place on your steel disks - Color match with your ride! 


Use a couple of wrenches - Place 1 wrench on the aluminum base and one of the delrin swivel; loosen the delrin portion and adjust the ball joint to desired angle and tighten back up! 

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Package Contents

(1) Magnetic swivel mount
(1) Steel disk
(1) Rare earth magnet
(1) Double sided tape disk
(1) Sticker pack

Assault Industries Magnetic Swivel Mount - Revolution Off-Road
Assault Industries Magnetic Swivel Mount Sale price$39.95