Polaris ACE Transmission Gear Reduction Kit SuperATV

SKU: GRK-1-33-001

$289.95 $299.00


Get More Torque
Your Polaris ACE gives you absolute freedom to hit the trail whenever and wherever you want. If you don’t want anything to stop you, you need to get a Transmission Gear Reduction Kit from SuperATV. It boosts torque with up to a 38% gear reduction to give you more power to the ground. So whether you go big with monster tires or just want to make sure stock won’t stop for anything, our gear reduction kits will get you there.

Stage 2 Gear Set
Depending on your model, you can get a 12% or 25% gear reduction with our Stage 2 gear set. Whether you need 12% for stock and slightly larger tires or 25% for going big, this gear reduction will give you torque that makes you grin.

Stage 3 Gear Set
Our Stage 3 gear set gives you a 13% gear reduction no matter what model your ACE is. It’ll give you a torque boost you can feel and that power to the ground you need. When you lose performance by upgrading your tire size by a couple inches, this 13% gear reduction will get your power back.

Combine Stages for a Bigger Gear Reduction
You can use both Stage 2 and Stage 3 gear sets at the same time in your ACE’s transmission to maximise your power. With up to a 38% gear reduction, you’ll be rolling on monster tires and they’ll feel like stock. You haven’t felt power until you hit the gas with both Stage 2 and Stage 3 gears in the same case.

SATV Part # % Reduction Replaces OEM Part #
Stage 2 Gears Stage 3 Gears
GRK-1-33-001 12% 3235381 & 3235380 NA
GRK-P-RAN1K-12 13% NA 3235223 & 3235236
GRK-1-33-001 & GRK-P-RAN1K-12 25% 3235381 & 3235380 3235223 & 3235236



SuperATV Part Number GRK-1-33-001
12% Gear Reduction
  • Polaris Ace 500 : 2017-2019
SuperATV Part Number GRK-P-RAN1K-12
13% Gear Reduction
  • Polaris Ace 325 : 2015-2016
  • Polaris Ace 500 : 2017-2019
SuperATV Part Number GRK-1-33-001 & GRK-P-RAN1K-12
25% Gear Reduction
  • Polaris Ace 500 : 2017-2019


  • Made of 8620 chromoly steel
  • 12%, 13%, 25%, and 38% gear reduction options available
  • Combine Stage 2 and Stage 3 gears for maximum gear reduction
  • Run larger tires with punchier acceleration
  • Precision cut gears for smooth meshing

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