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Rockford Fosgate Stage 5 Stereo | CanAm X3

SKU: X317-STG5
Sale price$4,399.99 Regular price$4,500.00

Rockford Fosgate Stage 5 Plug & Play Stereo Kit With Color Optix For CanAm X3 

The Gen-3 Stage 5 kit is evidently the top-of-the-line offering, designed to turn your Maverick X3 into a high-powered, visually striking audio powerhouse. This system is meant for those who want nothing less than the best, in terms of both audio performance and visual appeal.

Here are the elements included in this kit:

  1. PMX-3 Digital Media Receiver with Camera Video Input and SiriusXM Ready® Satellite Radio: This is an advanced media receiver that not only allows you to control your audio system but also lets you connect a camera and receive SiriusXM satellite radio, if you have a subscription.

  2. Upper Dash Kit: This is designed to hold the PMX-3 digital media receiver, integrating it seamlessly into your vehicle's dashboard.

  3. Front Speaker Panels: Custom panels that are specifically designed to hold the front speakers and ensure optimum sound delivery.

  4. M2 6.5” Color Optix™ Speakers: High-quality speakers with integrated LED lights, which can be color-customized using the Color Optix™ controller.

  5. 1,500-watt Element Ready™ Amplifier: A powerful amplifier designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and significantly enhance the audio power of your system.

  6. Under-Seat Front Subwoofer Enclosures: Enclosures designed to house the subwoofers beneath the seat, thereby saving space and providing optimal sound delivery.

  7. M2 10” Element Ready™ Subwoofers: Powerful subwoofers designed to deliver deep, resonating bass, also built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

  8. 4-Gauge Wiring Harness: This wiring harness ensures a secure and efficient connection between all the components of the audio system.

  9. M2 6.5” Color Optix™ Moto-Cans with Harness: These are rear speakers enclosed in a protective casing, equipped with LED lights that can be customized via the Color Optix™ controller.

  10. Color Optix™ Controller: Allows you to adjust the color of the LED lights in the speakers and rear moto-cans, adding a personalized aesthetic touch to your audio system.

With the Rockford Fosgate preset, setting up the amplifier becomes hassle-free, ensuring optimum performance without the need for complicated tuning. The plug-and-play design of the system, requiring minimal drilling, underscores the user-friendly nature of this kit. As always, compatibility with your specific Maverick X3 model should be confirmed prior to purchase or installation.

Download RF Connect™ to control the PMX-RGB:

  • Color Optix™ enabled
  • Complete Element Ready™ audio system
  • Direct connect wiring harnesses for Can-Am X3 models
  • Enclosures for speakers and/or subwoofer integrate with no loss of passenger space
  • Easy setup of audio system: amplifier preset for maximum performance without tuning
  • PMX-3: Punch Marine Compact AM/FM/WB Digital Media Receiver 2.7" Display - Backup Cam & SiriusXM® Ready
  • X317-DK: Dash Kit for PMX-1, PMX-2 or PMX-3 on Select Can-Am® Maverick X3 Models
  • X317-FSE: 6.5" Front Color Optix™ Speaker Panels with Smart-Lok for Select Can-Am® Maverick X3 Models
  • M2-65B: M2 6.5” Color Optix™ Marine 2-Way Speakers - Black
  • M5-1500X5: 1500 Watt 5-Channel Element Ready™ Amplifier
  • X317-M2FWE: M2 10" Element Ready™ Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure for Select Can-Am® Maverick X3 Models (No RGB LEDs / Color Optix)
  • X317-M2FWE: M2 10" Element Ready™ Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure for Select Can-Am® Maverick X3 Models (No RGB LEDs / Color Optix)
  • X317-K4: 4 AWG Amp Installation Kit for Select Can-Am® Maverick X3 Models
  • M2WL-65MB: M2 6.5" Element Ready™ Color Optix™ Moto Can Speaker - Black
  • MX-RSW16: Rear Color Optix™ Speaker Add-On Harness for Select UTV Models
  • PMX-RGB: Color Optix™ Light Controller with Optional App Interface
  • Includes passive antenna


CanAm X3 2017-2023

rockford fosgate stage 5 stereo kit with color optix for canam x3 on white background
Rockford Fosgate Stage 5 Stereo | CanAm X3 Sale price$4,399.99 Regular price$4,500.00