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Rockford Fosgate Stage 5 Stereo | 2018+ Polaris Ranger

Sale price$2,899.99 Regular price$3,200.00

Rockford Fosgate Stage 5 Plug & Play Stereo Kit For 2018+ Polaris Ranger 

The Ranger Stage-5 kit represents the pinnacle of aftermarket audio systems for select 2018 and newer Polaris Ranger XP 1000 FULL-SIZE (3-seat) and CREW (6-seat) models. Boasting high-quality components and premium features, this kit will offer riders an unprecedented sound experience on their off-road adventures.

The key components of the Ranger Stage-5 kit are as follows:

  1. PMX-3 Multi-Media Source Unit: This advanced unit not only offers regular multimedia functionality but also includes a SiriusXM® ready tuner, ensuring a wide range of music and radio content for your journeys. Additionally, it supports component video input, allowing for the installation of a backup camera in the future.

  2. M2 Color Optix™ Speakers: All speakers in this kit are upgraded to the M2 Color Optix™ models, ensuring the highest sound quality available. These speakers offer incredible audio fidelity and will add depth and dimension to your music.

  3. 1,500-Watt 5-Channel Amplifier: This powerful amplifier drives the entire system, providing ample power to the front speakers, subwoofer, and potentially a secondary 10” subwoofer with rear seats and 6.5” rear speakers for future expansion.

  4. 6.5” Front Speakers and 10” Subwoofer: The front speakers and subwoofer are both high-quality units capable of providing excellent sound quality. Future expansion is possible with the inclusion of a secondary subwoofer and rear speakers.

As always, it's important to verify compatibility with your specific Polaris Ranger model before purchasing and attempting installation. If you're unsure about the installation process, consult the manufacturer's instructions or seek help from a professional.

  • PMX-3: Compact AM/FM/WB Digital Media Receiver 2.7" LCD w/ Backup Cam & SiriusXM® Ready
  • RNGR18-DK: Dash kit for PMX-1, PMX-2 or PMX-3 on select Polaris® Ranger models
  • RNGR18-FSE: 6.5" front Color Optix™ speaker pods for select Polaris® Ranger models
  • M2-65B: M2 6.5” Color Optix™ Marine 2-Way Speakers - Black
  • M5-1500X5: 1500 Watt 5-Channel IPX6 Element Ready™ Amplifier
  • RNGR18-FWE: Color Optix™ 10" ported subwoofer enclosure for select Polaris® Ranger models
  • M2D4-10IB: M2 10" DVC 4Ω Element Ready™ Color Optix™ Subwoofer - Black
  • RNGR18-K4: 4 AWG amp installation kit for select Polaris® Ranger models
  • PMX-RGB: Color Optix™ Light Controller with Optional App Interface

Element Ready™: Purpose built for the off-road environment, Rockford’s Element Ready™ products are built to stand up to water, dirt, mud and UV rays, making sure all your audio components perform regardless of the conditions.

Plug-and-Play Design: Minimal drilling, no cutting and designed to work right out of the box. Simple installation ensures less time in the garage and more time out riding.

Color Optix™: Adjust your own bright, wide, and limitless lighting experience with the Rockford Fosgate Color Optix™ plug-and-play controller and App.

Preset: Out of the box performance, literally. No settings or adjustments are needed. Pre-Tuned by Rockford to deliver the legendary performance you have come to expect.

RF3 (Rockford Factory Fit and Finish): Designed and engineered to match and compliment the factory fit and finish of your vehicle. These components are purpose built to the exact specifications to ensure the best-in-class fitment and look.

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Rockford Fosgate Stage 5 Stereo | 2018+ Polaris Ranger Sale price$2,899.99 Regular price$3,200.00