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Flash Whips - Synchronized LED Whips by MB Whips

Sale price$249.95


Flash Whips - Synchronized LED Whips by MB Whips

The Flash Whips by MB Whips are synchronized LED whips that deliver unparalleled performance with high-output LEDs and tight-wrapped construction. Featuring unique functions and the smoothest, fastest quick-release system on the market, the Flash Whips stand out from the competition. The Pro RGB app provides full Bluetooth control, complemented by an RF remote, allowing you the flexibility to choose between app or remote control seamlessly.


  • Quick Release Bases: The innovative Flash quick release bases are both quick and clean, integrating all necessary wiring within the base itself. This eliminates the need for separate pigtail connections, making the setup process incredibly fast and efficient.
  • High-Output LEDs:
    • 2 Foot Whips: Over 150 5050 LEDs per whip
    • 3 Foot Whips: Over 250 5050 LEDs per whip
    • 4 Foot Whips: Over 350 5050 LEDs per whip
    • 5 Foot Whips: Over 450 5050 LEDs per whip
  • Bluetooth and RF Control: Enjoy the convenience of both Bluetooth and RF remote control options, ensuring easy operation regardless of your preference.
  • Street Legal Integration: The Flash Bluetooth-enabled controller harness includes 3 wires for street legal integration, enabling the whips to blink amber when turning and turn red when braking.

Included in the Package:

  • Pair of Flash Whips in your selected size
  • Two premium, triple-stitched MB Whips flags
  • Two flag mount clamp sets
  • Two dust caps
  • Whip controller harness
  • Remote control
  • Quick install instructions

Why You Should Buy:
The Flash Whips by MB Whips offer unmatched convenience and functionality. With the most advanced quick-release system and high-output LEDs, these whips provide exceptional performance and style. The dual control options via Bluetooth and RF remote ensure flexibility, while the street-legal integration adds a practical touch for safety. Invest in the Flash Whips for a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in quality and innovation.

MB Whips offers a full lifetime warranty against defects or failure of any whip components, ensuring peace of mind and lasting value.

Off-road vehicle equipped with two tall, synchronized LED whips emitting vibrant, multicolored lights, creating a stunning visual display at night. The whips are mounted on the back of the vehicle, which is parked in an open area with other vehicles and trailers in the background. The scene is illuminated by the bright, colorful lights from the whips, highlighting the rugged terrain and the sleek design of the off-road vehicle.
Flash Whips - Synchronized LED Whips by MB Whips Sale price$249.95

Customer Reviews

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Whips are bright but the controller and app are not in need of a good update since it doesn't send all information to whips when trying to change the light patterns