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MB Whips PRO Series LED UTV Whip

SKU: FlashPro
Sale price$369.95 Regular price$399.00

MB Whips PRO Series LED UTV Whip

This kit includes 2 MB Multi Colored Whips with wiring harness, remote and Bluetooth controller.

The MB Whips Pro Series is the finest 2-foot whip available. You'll make a statement with this 2-inch thick inner tube and more LEDs than your 5-foot Flash Whip. The Flash Pro has all of the great features of our popular Flash and Radiant lines, including full Bluetooth app and remote control choices, road legal integration, our innovative powered base design, and so much more. Customers may utilize existing wiring with the entire professional series' bases, which are identical to those used by our existing Flash and Radiant products.

The MB Whips quick release bases are far better than any other whip base on the market for two reasons: they're quick and clean. With most synchronized whips, you have to fiddle with a separate pigtail connection every time you want to connect your whips, but MB Whips has advanced past that inconvenience. The revolutionary bases come with all of the wiring that the whip needs right inside the base--no lagging behind or setting up required. Just drop the whip on its respective base and you'll be 100% ready to go within about one second.

The new Radiant Pro series is hands down the brightest whip we’ve ever made. With up to 1600 LEDs and multiple color options, your customers will be amazed at the light output of this kit. The Radiant Pro will be available in Red, Daylight White, Cool White, Blue, Green, Orange, Ice Blue and Pink.

The new Pro series will be available in the 3 formats below. 

  • Flash Pro Whip Pair Kit
  • Radiant Pro Whip Pair Kit
  • Flash Pro Whip Only Pair

Note: The Pro Series Whips are not flexible. We do recommend installations below the roofline if the riding area includes trees and branches. The Pro Series Whips do work with the Power Spring Bases if some flexibility is needed.

MB Whips PRO Series LED UTV Whip
MB Whips PRO Series LED UTV Whip Sale price$369.95 Regular price$399.00